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Still payng 15 USD for domain registration?

We began offering Managed Dedicated Servers at very competitive price.
Servers are fully managed by our team, but you also have full root access.
If you have large or high-traffic website, this service is for you!

Register your domain!
Check if the domain you want is free for registration!

WWW . 
.ORG and .INFO domain names for just 2 USD
.BIZ and .US domain names for just 5 USD
from same company, but different search form

Quick guide:

Our prices

Pricelist for supported domain names:

.COM / .NET / .ORG / .BIZ / .INFO / .US11.00 USD1 years 
Transfers of .COM / .NET / .ORG / .BIZ / .INFO / .US7.77 USD1 years 
.NAME30.00 USD1 years(*)
.DE15.00 USD1 years(*)
Transfers of .DE15.00 USD1 years 
.CO.UK2 x 7.50 USD2 years 
.ME.UK2 x 7.50 USD2 years 
.ORG.UK2 x 7.50 USD2 years 
Transfer of .UK12.00 USD0 years(*)

Each domain name come with following services for free:

  • FREE Small web hosting account.
  • FREE URL forwarding.
  • FREE Unlimited e-mail forwarding with CATCH-ALL feature.
  • FREE DNS service - not webbased, contact us to get it free.
  • FREE domain name REGISTRANT information change (some charge $150 for this).
  • FREE Experimetal URL forwarding for dial-up web servers.

Base price is 10.00 USD / year.
No monkey prices like 9.99 , no catch, no bull :o)
No hidden fees, no procesing overcharges, no late-time fees

Prices depends of registration period and number domains registred.
Please contact us if you want to register more than 5 domain names

Depends of payment method, price could be slashed additionaly with up to 3 to 6%

Go to detail pricelist


As we expected, Public Interest Registry extended promotion for 2 USD for .INFO and 3 USD for .ORG domains until 30.JUN.2007. Promotion is same. More info available here.

As Bulgaria is EU member now, to all Bulgarians we offer payment using EPAY.BG microaccounts. Price is slashed about up to 6% depends of USD/BGN exchange rate - currently 13.40 BGN. Due to legal issues, payment using EPAY.BG does not give you BG invoice, at least for now.

2 USD for .ORG domain promotion is extended till 31.MAR.2007. Promotion is same. More info available here.

LIMITED TIME ONLY - price slashed 10% off !!! Pay with LibertyReserve and get 10% off price on checkout! This promotion is obsolete now.

2 USD for .ORG domain. No catch! More info available here.

2 USD for .INFO domain. No catch! More info available here. Extended till 30.DEC.2006 !!!

Become a partner to Polyphonia.co.uk, and get your domain name as cheep as $12 for the first year.

Promotion from : 01-Mar-2001- Register 10 domain names and pay only $130!!! THE PROMOTION IS OBSOLETE NOW - THE NEW PRICE IS 78.00 USD

Buy airline ticket with Discount Airfares, Last Minute Travel, and get a domain name for as low as 12 USD for first year. Contact us for more info.

Register domain name with us, and get webhosting for as low as $15 per year. The hosting is operated by Photonhost.COM. More information can be found here. This promotion apply not only for new domain registrations, but for all existing and transfered domains with us.

Pay only $12 for the first year, if you get hosting package from Photonhost.COMfor 1 year

at bg de en tr

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Shortest domains mania!

Do you think all 3-letter domain names are gone? The answer is NO! Now we have an offline list of almost 20000 AVAILABLE domain names. Type two letters bellow and receive the list of 3-letter of domain names, containing these letters! You could check the domain name availability on later step, and finally - register them at our regular prices!

WWW . 

Read This
Important message for our customers


We began registrations of German and UK domain names. Prices can be checked in the pricelist. For the moment registrations are accepted only by contact form or by email [email protected].

Some of great advantages for registering .DE domain with us are ***NOT*** need German mailing address in order to register domains.

Some of great advantages for registering .CO.UK domain with us are that transfer IN and OUT are FREE, so you may consolidate your domain portfolio with us.


Because of lack of interest, we stop any Alert Pay payments.

We are UNhappy to announce, that on 01-Jul-2010, VeriSign, the registry for .COM and .NET, will increase prices - .COM will go up by 7% and .NET by 10%. This increase will be passed on to domain registrars and unfortunately, to consumers like you. As from today 29-Jun-2010, E-NICK increasing prices with 0.50 USD to 10.50 USD. As always, our new price does not have hidden fees and taxes. As always, if you register for more years, price go down to up to 9.38 USD. As always, if you decide to pay with PayPal, Moneybookers or e-pay, price will go future down to about 9.00 USD.

We accept AlertPay (www.alertpay.com) for a while. At the moment payments can be done only from the AlertPay balance. Depending of the results we will decide if we will allow credit card payments there.

Due to ICANN regulation (or inflation?!?) we increase domain name price with 0.50 USD. These 0.50 USD will be send to ICANN as an additional fee. However, unlike all other website, we will NOT cheat you to say the price is let say 9.50 + 0.50, instead we will calculate those 50c in the price.

As Bulgaria is part of European Union, we accept EPAY.BG as payment method now. EPAY.BG is available only to Bulgarian citizens who ALREADY have account there and have registred ATM Cards in the system.

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